Pick 'n' Mix

Here you can find some other works that don’t fit in the other sections. A mix of creations and texts that I’ve done by myself or with others, professionally or for fun. I enjoyed all of them very much.

The summer of 2011 I worked as a journalist in Diario Vasco, a local newspaper in the beautiful city of San Sebastián. I wrote and published many articles on a daily basis, some of them can be found here.

I created a photonovel with a little help from my friends: Costumbrismo Fisioilógico. It was absurd and delirious. I still love it.

For some time I got involved in a crazy online series: Hey!Chachi. This is my favourite episode.

At university I wrote a double-page spread about Saint Michael church in the village of Neila (Burgos), which was reconverted into a tourist information centre for the Natural Park of Neila Lagoons. It’s my village and I won’t tolerate any criticism about it.

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