Ferratum Group is a leading international provider of mobile financial services, present in 25 countries all over the world. Currently it has two main business lines: payday loans and a brand new 100% mobile bank.

As part of the marketing team for Spain, but in an international corporate environment, I was in charge of creating, adapting, managing and optimising content for all kind of channels and formats for Spain: Social Media, blog, websites, landing pages, app, banners, mailings, newsletters, videos.

Under the supervision of the Marketing Manager for Spain and coordinated with the central team and other partners, I assisted and monitored all marketing actions for Spain: seasonal campaigns and promotions, ongoing and one-off email marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM, affiliate partners, influencers, PR, conversion funnels, data analytics.

Significant achievements:

  • Launching of FerratumBank: I took part in all of the marketing actions involved in launching FerratumBank mobile bank in Spain. I wrote and adapted the copy of the Spanish section of the website (currently being changed), the app and audiovisual materials.

  • Ferratum.es restructuring: I remodelled and optimised for SEO the homepage of Ferratum.es and renewed the other sections, creating new pages (1, 2, 3, 4) that expanded the information about the Credit Limit, a complex financial product which customers struggled to understand. I worked on creating the illustrations and graphics, writing the copy and editing the HTML of those new pages within the CMS.

  • Update of automated email/sms campaigns: I reviewed the status of the automated email/sms marketing campaigns, restructured and optimised the strategy and journeys and updated the materials that were being sent.

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